5 Most Insane Snooki Moments

Fans of MTV's Jersey Shore need no introduction to Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. Part time reality star, part time train wreck, she is often the subject of both the hilarity and outrageous moments the show has come to be known for. We thought it would be a good time to discuss the craziest moments of her memorable escapades below.
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  1. The punch heard round the world – By the time the first season was in full swing, audiences had already been enthralled by Snooki's actions. However, it was in this bar fight that she first made headlines. During an altercation with a bar guest, he reached out and punched her in the face, which was subsequently aired. The punch heard round the world was met with immediate backlash and pulled from the air but not the internet where it still reigns. The man who threw the punch was arrested, and it was one of the first times the audience saw Snooki as a person. 
  2. Arrest – Someone who gets drunk enough and often enough as Snooki was bound to get arrested. This became the case in July of 2010 when Snooki ducked out of work, tied one on, and proceeded to drunkenly stumble across the shores of Seaside Heights, New Jersey. She was eventually arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct and let out on bail. The judge would sentence her to a $500 fine and community service. 
  3. International incident – One of Snooki's most famous attributes is how short she is, around 4'10.” At this height, her driving was presumably impaired but did not stop her from taking to the streets of Italy in a manual transmission. None of her roommates were surprised when she hit a car during one of her outings. However, no one expected her to hit a police car and be arrested on the spot. She would later be released after filling out an accident report. 
  4. Flash dance – In season 4, Snooki and gang went to Italy, but the car crash was not the only moment worth mentioning. After getting her boyfriend to come to visit, she got drunk and began dancing provocatively and proceeded to flash the entire club by lifting her dress. Her boyfriend became enraged and left, leaving her to follow him down the streets yelling for him. This was also after another drunken night where she and BFF Deena got drunk and made out. 
  5. Did it or didn't it – Season 5 of the Jersey Shore also had its memorable moments. In a continuance of a scandal from Season 4, Mike reaffirms his story that he and Snooki hooked up while she was still with her boyfriend. This continues to be a source of tension for the entire house, as it is not known if the story is true. But since Snooki and Mike did have a tryst during Season 1, not impossible. 

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