Charice Pempengco Shocking New Look

Charice Pempengco New Look

One of the popular topic today in Philippine showbiz is the makeover of Charice Pempengco as seen in the photo above. I think she even have a tattoo that says "Love Eternally" with an infinity sign in her arm. It's a bit shocking and a lot of people disagree with her new look but probably this is what she wants and make her happy. So, lets just respect it. If you have a comment or any reaction with Charice new look, you can leave a message below.  

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1 comment :

  1. Charice is reinventing herself. If that's how
    she wants to look, who cares? After all...she
    always knew she didn't have the look that Philippine movies are looking for. You can change your appearance on the outside yet still it is the same person inside. I think she wanted the look of Nicky Minaj or K Perry before she went normal.


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